Three Generations of Payne


Have you ever had a problem that you wish you could talk over with a trusted person, but didn’t want to share with people you know or you wanted an outside perspective?  Are you going through a transition that is difficult for you or have had a devastating event happen to you?

Problems and transitions include situations such as divorce or death of a spouse, dealing with a chronic illness or disability, becoming empty nesters, moving to a new location, getting a new job, unemployment, the birth of a child, retirement, becoming a stay at home parent, dealing with disappointment or rejection, break up of a relationship.

The Three Generations of Payne is a unique service that provides three generations of experience and perspective to the problems we all face.  This service is an outgrowth of the premarital courses that Reverend Jan Carter offers to her engaged couples.   Rev. Jan is an ordained minister who is a wedding Celebrant and Officiant in the Seattle/Tacoma/ Puget Sound area of Washington State.

Three Generations of Payne was created because engaged couples are not the only ones who have questions and problems.  Everyone has problems at times in life and they need a trusted person to talk with to get their perspective – someone outside their immediate circle of family and friends.

I have teamed up with my daughter, Jill Cloutier, and my mother, Charline Payne, to provide this unique service. Even though we are from the same family, each of us comes from a different generation, with different life experiences and perspectives.    This gives us a different way to view and deal with the problems and transitions we all face.  Each of us is a warm, accepting person that people naturally turn to to discuss their problems.

Jill Cloutier is a 37-year old stay at home mom with two school-aged children.  She is also an accomplished dancer and choreographer.  She is a person that people have come to for confidential sharing since she was in high school.  She has been married for 12 years and is part of Generation X.

Charline Payne is a very dynamic 88-year-old, known as the Betty White of Kent.  She hosts and performs at the karaoke performances at the Kent Senior Center.  She grew up during the Depression and was a young adult during World War II.  She was a war bride and was married to the same man for 67 years until his death two years ago.  She raised four children, has eight grandchildren, and 15 great-grandchildren.

Janice Carter is 64 years old.  The force that drives her is to “make a difference”.  She raised two children and was also a career woman serving at the Director level in Information Technology (IT) for several Fortune 500 companies.   Now, she is happily pursuing her passion marrying couples as a wedding officiant.    Divorced after 25 years of marriage, she is a veteran of the “over 40 online dating experience”.  She  has two children and three grandchildren.

Three Generations of Payne

Even though we are from the same family, each of us has a different set of experiences and a different way of approaching things.  Our services provides you the benefit of our combined experiences and thoughts.

You can seek and receive help from wherever you are, anytime, day or night.  All you need is access to your computer or smart phone.  Since your consultation is done via email, you have the time and privacy to present your problem openly, creating the opportunity to receive the best perspective and advice.  Your question will receive our responses within two days.  To contact Three Generations of Payne, email: jan@ThreeGenerationsOfPayne.com.

Or, you may meet with us face-to-face or via Skype to get our multi-generational perspective on  your problem.

To hear us talk about our service, turn in to AshfordRadio.com in Studio C on September 12, 2012 at noon PDT to hear from Rev. Jan and The Three Generations of Payne as they discuss this broadcast’s topic,  “Expectations”.  If you would like you problem discussed on the radio, be sure to email us before September 12th with your question.  Our email address is jan@ThreeGenerationsOfPayne.com.

Fees for Services Email (per problem) ………………….. $30

Face-to-face meeting ……………………………………………$15/quarter hour


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