Hello From “The Three Generations of Payne”

We are the Three Generations of Payne – daughter, mother, and grandmother.

How did we come up with this name and this service?

The service started with Rev. Janice Carter (“Rev. Jan”).   I am an ordained non-denominational minister and I have the happy privilege of marrying couples!  I also provide premarital discussions and coaching, also known as premarital  counseling.  As a result of this service, I saw that there is a great need for people, other than engaged couples, to have a trusted source to talk to about their problems and situations that they encounter.

My maiden name was Payne.  So the joke is, “I was born a Payne, my mother became a Payne, and my daughter was never a Payne”.  When you say this out loud, it becomes a play on words, since Payne sounds exactly like “pain”.

It is a very appropriate name since we deal with the pain of life.  We all encounter times of transitions and devastation that we must deal with.  Who can a person go to to get help with these issues?  The Three Generations of Payne!


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