Radio Programs

The Three Generations of Payne is pleased to announce they will be on Ashford Radio starting again this fall.

The dates and topics for their upcoming shows are listed below:

October 11, 2012              12:00 noon Pacific Time          Expectations

November 8, 2012            12:00  noon Pacific Time         Letting Go

November 29, 2012          12:00 noon Pacific Time          Dealing with Devastating Events

Turn in to hear the Three Generations of Payne by going to and go to Studio B.  All programs will begin at 3:00pm Eastern Time and at noon Pacific Time.  They are listed under Reverend Janice Carter.

If you wish to call in with a question while we are on the air, the number is 323.679.0877.

If you miss one of our broadcasts, you may listen to it by going to their website.  You may click on the link below to listen to all previous broadcasts.

The topics of the previous broadcasts are:

August 1, 2012              Life’s Transitions

July 11, 2012                  Dating over 40

June 13, 2012                Backgrounds and Thoughts from Rev. Jan, Jill, and Charline

May 15, 2012                 Permarital Coaching and the Birth of the Three Generations of Payne

May 8, 2012                  Meeting Rev. Jan Carter and the services she provides


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